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Gold Buckle Futurities is excited to welcome Southern Ranches as the new 2024 title sponsor of “The BIG Bonus.”


Bluff Dale, Texas –  Located in Waxahachie, Texas, Southern Ranches has become a key player in the rope horse futurities. Owned by Shane and Jessica Boston, Southern Ranches is home to the popular junior rope horse sire, The Notorious B I G, and the co-producer of the annual Clay Logan Open Roping. Southern Ranches recently partnered with Gold Buckle Futurities for the Spring event to help increase payouts for a roping that is a “win, win.”

“As owners of a junior rope horse sire and several horses competing at these Futurities year after year, and as part of a team that puts on a roping every year, Shane Boston and I get to see a lot of different angles of this business,” said Jessica Boston. “And I can say with confidence that there are a lot of people working to better it. The ones behind Gold Buckle Futurities are some of them. Gold Buckle Futurities has some top equine businessmen in the performance horse industry behind it. They have seen other disciplines take this exact course. They know what works. They are looking at the bigger picture of team roping from all angles and catering to the industry. The rope horse world is experiencing incredible growth right now. It’s exciting to be a part of event like this that has been able to step outside of the box and take team roping to a whole new level.”

For Shane Boston, it’s all about numbers.

“With any event, you’ve got to really look at the numbers. When you look at Gold Buckle payouts, while considering entries, this is one of the top paying futurities out there – incentives or no incentives. From a competitor’s standpoint, the payouts have been there, regardless. Now, when you do start talking incentives, it’s like icing on the cake. It’s just a win, win. For us, as stallion owners and breeders, we would love to see this futurity explode. That’s why we partnered with them. It’s very well-run by people who know what a roping needs to look like. It doesn’t get much better than the team behind the Gold Buckle Futurities. This futurity is the standard of what other event producers should set for themselves, and that’s why we want to support it. The rope horse industry needs events like the Gold Buckle.”

The BIG Bonus will pay $10,000 to the champion of the 6 & Under Heading and another $10,000 to the champion of the 6 & Under Heeling at the 2024 Gold Buckle Futurities Spring Roping held in Ardmore, Oklahoma on May9-12, 2024.