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The Gold Buckle Futurities is an organization focused on the roping industry. This program is designed to showcase the future of elite roping horses, elevating the roping industry and fortifying futurity horses. Our goal is to create an organization that exhibits the future elite prospects of the Tie Down, Breakaway, and Team Roping industry – conclusively, advancing training programs and the rope horse industry.

Who is eligible to compete?

What are the entry fees?

What is considered Limited or Non Pro?

a. A limited competitor in the team roping is handicapped by Global handicapping a number 6E header or 8 heeler and below.
b. In the Non Pro team roping, it will consist of 5E or below Header or Heeler. And will be allowed to ride any age of registered horse.
c. Limited calf roping, A limited competitor will be an Ultimate Calf Roper #11 or higher. If you do not have an ultimate number, contact Shane or Haven for classification. GBF reserves the right to classify or reclassify. Can enter on multiple registered horses.

How many horses can you ride in each class?

Can you ride a Four-Year-Old in the Six & Under Maturity?

Can you only enter the GBF Stallion Incentive Sidepot?